Community comes out to support 'Missouri Miracle' crash survivor

Katie Lentz using walker during therapy exercise.

Wednesday is a celebration of survival for Katie Lentz.

A community benefit is being held downtown at the Quincy City Hall parking lot at 8th and Maine Street all day long. You can pay a visit and make a donation to show your support.

Lemonade shakeups, kettle corn and "Pray Out Loud" t-shirts, headbands and wristbands will be available for purchase. Deliveries are available to businesses, just call 217-653-9759 or 217-257-7574.

All the proceeds will help with Lentz's medical bills. Visit for more information and to see more of Katie's story.

You'll remember that on August 4 the19-year-old Quincy-native's life changed on Missouri Route 19 in rural Ralls County, Mo. There her car collided head on with a vehicle driven by a man crash investigators say was under the influence of alcohol.

Trapped and scared that rescue workers would be unable to free her from the wreckage, Lentz asked the firefighters and EMS workers summoned to save her life to pray with her.

A traveling priest appeared seemingly out of nowhere to pray with Katie and the rescue crew and together they prayed out loud.

With rehabilitation, Lentz gets a little stronger every day.

Lentz has had to relearn everyday tasks that most people take for granted. For example, she has had to relearn

how to put on her shoes


Amazingly, she can now walk 150 feet down a hallway without stopping.

Katie continues to stay positive and grateful. "Every day is different though, because some days they really work me hard, and I'm so sore afterwards," she said. "I'm not having a whole lot of pain right now, so everything is manageable, tolerable. It's going pretty well. I try hard everyday."

Lentz has received cards from people across the country, many from people she has never met.

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