Committee formed to assess Adams Co. Jail

Handcuffs at the Adams Co. Jail

Five members have been assigned to a new exploratory committee to better assess the long-term outlook of the Adams County Jail.

"I assume we'll be discussing all possibilities of remodeling the jail, making it safer, or building a new jail. We'll be looking at funding sources. We'll be looking at timelines,â?? Ryan Niekamp, a member of the committee and an Adams Co. Board member said.

Adams County Sheriff Brent Fischer says the failed escape of three inmates on July 27 was motivation for the committee to be formed.

"I think it does definitely spur and motivate probably why we should be doing what weâ??re doing,â?? Fischer said.

The committee will be deciding to upgrade the current jail, or to replace it altogether.

A new jail would cost anywhere from $20 to $25 million.

"I think the objective of myself and others is to make sure that the jail is as safe as possible for everybody involved in it,â?? Niekamp said.

If a new jail were to be approved, it wouldn't be the end to the current Adams County Jail.

"Some of the jail would have to be utilized, the courthouse is still here, you'd still have to transfer prisoners here for court, and to hold them somewhere,â?? Fischer said.

Everyone KHQA spoke to agreed that one thing is for sure, some sort of jail upgrade must be made.

"I think when you look at the liability this county has, as far as maintaining a jail, it's just tremendous and I think we can eliminate a lot of that liability and be much more efficient and safe as to how we detain inmates, as well as protect those employees that work there everyday,â?? Fischer said.

The committee has not set a date for their first meeting, but it will be held sometime in September.