Comcast cares about cable and the community

Comcast employees and Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteers help plant at Clat Adams Park in Quincy.

Gardening is hard work, and Saturday it took a team to do it.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters organization of West Central Illinois partnered up with Comcast to plant flowers at Clat Adams Park in Quincy.

The gathering was in part of the annual Comcast Cares Day.

Each year Comcast sponsors a day in which employees make a positive impact on their community.

"Organizations need help," said Gerry Salfen, the technical supervisor for Comcast in Quincy. "Like what we did here was just plant flowers and beautify the park just to try to show a little involvement in the community. And it's important to help a good organization like Big Brothers Big Sisters."

According to Comcast's website, over 67,000 Comcast employees will volunteer at more than 630 project sites across the country. Click here to see the full story.