Collapsed building drops problem into city of Hannibal's lap

At Tuesday night's Hannibal City Council meeting the council addressed the problem of a building that has been a nuisance for many years.

The building is located at 213 Broadway.

For years the property has not been properly taken care of and neglected.

Then in May part of the back of the abandoned building collapsed after storms rolled through the area.

The city has obtained an engineering report on the building that says it is structurally unsound and that it needs to come down.

City manager Jeff La Garce says the cost to demolish the building and stabilize the one next to it is $43,000.

" The taxpayers incur a lot of expense for demolition when people don't take care of their property," says LaGarce. " Which is really unfortunate and really frustrates city officials. We are actually going after the cost in this particular case and we're doing so in a way that we hope will get this money back into the general treasury."

But city officials are not the only ones who are frustrated by the situation.

Cindy Benjamin has owned the property next door for 12 years where she has operated her business B & B Cut and Style.

Cindy says that for at least 11 of those years this building has been a problem.

Benjamin says, " It's one of those situations where it has been passed from one owner, to another owner, to another owner and nobody's fixed the problem. There's always been a problem but nobody's actually come in and fixed and solved the problem."

It will cost a little more than $38,000 to stabilize Cindy's property.

Hannibal City Manager Jeff LaGarce says the city is going after the cost of the demolition and stabilization through a lawsuit against the property owner.