Cold temps freeze Meals on Wheels deliveries for one day

Freezing weather halts Meals on Wheels program for one day.

The Meals on Wheels program in Quincy was forced to do something rare on Monday ... cancel meal deliveries for that day.

Quincy resident Carolyn Baldwin says that the service has made her life much easier.

"I had a stroke while I was driving my car 10 years ago and since then I can't do any housework or anything like that and so this is just so easy for me," Baldwin said.


Meals on Wheels

program prepares more than 630 meals for seniors in Quincy and the surrounding area.

But it was different story on Monday when concern for the safety of her volunteers forced program director Gail Murry to cancel deliveries.

"They're going to homes of frail individuals who haven't been out to scoop sidewalks or sweep off porches or do things like that," Murry said. "So safety was more of a issue for my volunteers."

But Carolyn says she was prepared.

"Every Friday my daughter goes out and buys me chicken and noodles and hash brown potatoes and there's enough there for Saturday and Sunday," Baldwin said. "Since I heard the bad weather was coming I saved enough for Monday."

Quincy native Doug Lambert delivers Carolyn's meals each week.

"Sometimes I might be the only person these people see during the course of the day and you need to check on them and you need to let them know that people still care about them," Lambert said. "That they still are an important part of our community. And it just makes them feel important that you notice them."

Carolyn Baldwin has high praise for the program.

"About 3 years ago I was in the Hospital and my son lives in Chicago," Baldwin said. "And of course he always comes down. And he said, "Mom, tomorrow you're going home and they're gonna bring you Meals on Wheels." And that was the best thing that ever happened to me."

All the seniors were called on Monday to make sure they would have something to eat.

If they did not, Murry and her team made sure they got a meal, despite the weather conditions.

If you would like to volunteer you can reach Gail Murry at the

Quincy Senior Center

at (217) 224-5031.