Cold, hungry cat up a tree since Halloween

The can was finally rescued Monday.

Efforts kicked off Monday to rescue a cat that has been up a tree since Halloween.

The cat has was about 60 feet up in a tree in the neighborhood of Curved Creek for six days and was terrified, wet, cold and hungry.

KHQA's Jim Whitfield was at the scene of the rescue. He also spoke with Assistant Chief Rob Tipton and was told that the last cat rescue of this nature was back in the mid 90s.

Rescue attempts were previously thwarted by weather and authorities were originally unable to help, but citizens found some tree climbers to do the job.

The cat was in a tree that was directly behind the house of Dan and Jane Burton.

She said she noticed the cat up in the tree last week. "I noticed it at four o'clock on Halloween afternoon. And we tried to get it down. We fed it, we put up a ladder, I called the neighbor, he put up a ladder. It's still there and it's climbing higher. So it's been there like five days," Burton said.

Landscaper and tree trimmer, David Lay, made an attempt to assist the pet Sunday, however, the ground wasn't stable enough for his truck.

In a final attempt Monday, a tree trimmer that actually climbs trees gave the rescue a try to bring the cat down safely.

Kevin Heinecke has been climbing and trimming trees for the past eight years and he came over on Monday morning and said he wasn't going to come down out of the tree without the cat. "Going to climb up there and see what kind what kind of mood it's in. If it's friendly or wanting to fight. And there going to try and bring it down. Put it in my pouch like a kangaroo and bring it down if it comes. Well I wasn't coming down without him. I'd made it up that far. The worst thing that can happen is a limb breaks and my rope catches me," Heinecke said.

After he brought the cat back down to safety, it was taken to Klingele Vet Clinic in Quincy.

After checking with them, they said the cat was in good shape. But more importantly, the cat had been microchipped.

The clinic said after a scan of the chip, they were able to contact the owner who lives off of South 24th Street in Quincy.

The owner told them her children were quite upset the cat had gotten out, but by Monday evening, the feline and the family will be reunited.

Social Media played a big part in making the rescue attempts possible.

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