Code Yellow: Blessing Hospital was ready for bus crash

Staff members at Blessing Hospital say they were more than prepared for Tuesday's bus crash which left 30 people injured.

"We exercise, we drill, we utilize mock patients, we move them through our emergency department, we identify glitches and issues to work out in drill mode rather than in emergency mode," Kate Rhodas, the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for Blessing Hospital, said.

The EMS staff had a big hand in getting the patients seen right away.

"They did triage in the field, they notified us right away they were in route to a bus accident so that once again is helpful to have that knowledge and then they give us updates as things go along," Dr. Richard Saalborn, the Medical Director of the Emergency Department for Blessing Hospital, said.

Triaging is the process of determining the severity of injuries to determine in which order patients are seen.

"Patients were being seen immediately, the ER never stops so there were already patients in the emergency department before this event occurred and there were patients arriving that entire time,â?? Sandy Behl, Manager of Emergency Medical Services Department and also a Registered Nurse of Blessing Hospital, said.

In Code Yellow, every patient's status is heightened until an all-clear signal is given.

"The all clear means not only the emergency department is back at pre-event status but the entire hospital is pretty much back to normal," Behl explained.

Blessing employees say doctors and workers throughout the medical community really stepped up.

"We had two trauma surgeons here, a third trauma surgeon called in concerning, we had four orthopedic surgeons here, we had anesthesiologists here, family practice from both Quincy Medical Group, SIU and also Blessing Physicians volunteered to help so at one time I think we had more physicians we did patients,â?? Dr. Saalborn said.

They all agree that type of commitment turns even the worst day into a slightly better one.

Blessing Hospital treated 27 of the children involved in Tuesday's rollover bus crash in Lewis County.