Coast Guard: Kidnapping ruled out in Friday's incident at Lock and Dam 21

A man was taken into custody Friday at the Lock and Dam 21 near Quincy.

The FBI ruled out kidnapping in an incident that resulted in police taking a man in custody Friday at the Lock and Dam 21 near Quincy.

LT C. M. Fogarty, a spokesman for the U.S. Coast Guard said that the man taken in to custody by the Adams County Sheriff's Office Friday was released.

"After an investigation, kidnapping was not going on and the individual was set free," he said Monday.

The incident originated in Minnesota when a relative of the woman taken off the boat contacted the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and claimed that the woman was missing for several days, Fogarty said. The Coast Guard began a missing persons investigation.

The incident Friday resulted in a heavily armed group of sheriff's deputies talking a man off a boat detained inside the lock. A woman on the boat was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Sheriff Brent Fischer described her as shaken-up after the incident. Officials didn't release the names of the man or the woman.

The FBI was also involved in the investigation.

"There was no kidnapping," Bradley Ware, a spokesman for the FBI in Springfield, Ill. said, "I cannot give out any more information".

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