Clothing Swap: save money and update your wardrobe

Tough economic times leave many people hung out to dry when it comes to buying new clothes.

One trend that is making a wave across the United States allows you to update your wardrobe without spending a dime. It is called a clothing swap.

People are trying this free fashion frenzy on for size to get a new look and spend time with friends.

So what is a clothing swap?

Fashion merchandising major, Chris Taylor explains that it is as easy as inviting people to your house and having them bring all the clothes in their closet that they do not want anymore. Everyone that brings clothes trades their fashions with fellow swappers.

"Clothing swaps are important because they are basically free," Chris said. "They don't take very much time to plan and it gives you the opportunity to clean out your closet and update your wardrobe at the same time."

Chris also said you want to make your clothes "swap worthy" by making sure they are clean, pressed and well presented. Displaying them on a hanging rack or neatly folded on a table can make them more appealing. Another way to encourage friend and family attendance is to create price tag invitations and distribute to clothes swap attendees.

So who says that tightening the belt on our clothes budget means spending the summer in the same old clothes?

You can check out more of Chris Taylor's ideas by watching the video from KHQA This Morning above this story.

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