Closing time for the summer at Indian Mounds

Indian Mounds opened for its last weekend of the summer.

It's time to say good-bye, for now, to a local pool in Quincy.

On Monday, Indian Mounds Pool will open its doors for the final time this season.

The pool has just a day left before it closes its doors for the rest of year.

Joey Cosgrove, a manager for Indian MoundsPool says these past few days have kept them busy.

"We stay pretty busy throughout the summer. I know everybody hates to see the end of the summer. It's been as busy as any other summer in the past. I've been here for ten summer so, I'm sure the kids are going to miss it, they're over here just as much as I am. I really hate seeing the summer come to an end, this is my home away from home, I've here every day," said Cosgrove.

Several of the swimmers, like Jayanna Williams, enjoy coming to the pool, especially on hot days like these.

"I like to jump off the diving board and do flips, cause when it's hot out, you're not going to have any cool water to cool us off," Williams said.

Donisha Dade was sad to know her days of swimming were ending..."because then I have to wait another year to swim," said Dade.

Indian Mounds Pool will be open Monday from 11am to 6pm.

Admission for kids is $4.25 and adults are $4.75.