Clearing sidewalks, parking lots and highways in NEMO

A heavier type of snow greeted Tri-State area residents when they woke up on Tuesday morning.

Snow plows clearing parking lots and driveways was the sound many people heard.

"This one is a little bit worse than the last one. We really don't have anywhere to push the snow, kind of piling it all together," Jay Myers said. He was plowing the parking lot at the Dollar General store in Palmyra.

Besides the parking lots and driveways, there was also snow removal on sidewalks and highways. But because of the early forecasting, crews managed to get a head start on this storm.

"Yeah, I came out at about 1:30 this morning and salted down all of my parking lots real heavy because they said we were going to get a big heavy snow and some freezing rain, so that way it would stay hot underneath of it and allow us to get the snow off of itm and we're getting it cleaned up really good," Jeff Wilson said.

Wilson said he has about a dozen lots to take care of and he says the earlier you start, the better.

That's true for MoDOT crews as well. They started at about three o'clock in the morning.

MoDOT even got some extra manpower and equipment from other parts of the state to help plow snow in the Northeast District, and make sure roads are ready for drivers.

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