Cleaning up Macomb eyesore

Shade Tree trailer park in Macomb, Ill. / Melissa Shriver

UPDATED: April 5 at 7:55 a.m.

The Macomb City council voted on April 4th to move forward with fast track procedures to demolish the rest of the Shade Tree trailer park at the end of the month.They are also looking for bids for the clean up of the area.Whoever wins the bid will have to be ready to start the clean up after May 1st.


UPDATED: April 2 at 4:40 p.m.

The city of Macomb is putting its foot down on a trashy trailer park on the city's east side.

As of Thursday, the city is enforcing a nuisance ordinance giving the owner in the Quad cities 15 days to clean it up. If it's not done in 30 days, the city plans to take matters into their own hands.

City leaders say correcting this nuisance is necessary.

"It looks more like a tornado went through," said Macomb Mayor Mick Wisslead.

He says the sight of this former trailer park makes him sick these days. All that left is trash and debris from demolished trailers that used to be here. But this story of debris and destruction began almost six months ago when the owner of the Shade Tree Village Mobile Home Park closed the park. That forced more than 40 people to find new places to live.

The owner repeatedly hired different crews to demolish the trailers. But when they didn't get paid, they stripped the trailers they could for scrap metal and left the rest.

Now Mayor Wisslead and the city hope to change that. As of Thursday the city sent out a nuisance letter to the owner and posted notices around the property to let everyone know they plan to step in.

Mayor Wisslead says everyone agrees something has to be done to correct an eyesore that makes for a bad first impression.

Wisslead said, "We've got a nice complex next to it a new theater that started up and people shouldn't have to look at that stuff. People in restaurants across the street - this is all they can see. Our citizens and the people that come out here shouldn't have to look at this."

In fact when I was taking video of the site, these visitors from Ohio demonstrated Wisslead's point.

Charles Piocarchy said, "We thought it was a tornado. The town is a nice town and then you see this and you wonder why its like this...."

The notice issued Thursday gives the owner 30 days to clean up the property. If he doesn't, the city of Macomb will get a mechanical lein on the property and clean it up themselves.

Wisslead said, "We may or may not be able to recoup our losses but its something that we have to do for the health and safety of our residents."

The city is already set to begin a bidding process that would select a company to commence clean up. But due to legal issues, the earliest the city could begin is May.

Currently the property is in foreclosure.

You can read more about this situation at the here.


Original Story:

The Macomb City Council has put a trailer park cleanup on the fast track.

The city has given the owner of the Shade Tree trailer park, 30 days to clear away the hazardous material on the property.

An official Notice of Nuisance has been sent to the owner of the trailer park Thursday. The notice was sent to the Quad Cities as the owner doesn't live in Macomb.

It gives the owner 15 days to respond and at that point he will have 15 days to clean up the property. If the 30 days passes, the city of Macomb will begin the cleanup using their own resources. They will be forced to demolish any remaining trailers and remove the garbage themselves.

The city is already set to begin a bidding process that would select a company to commence clean up. If it comes to that, they will try to recover the costs of the clean up from the property owner by placing a mechanic's lein on the property. That means that they will be the first to get paid out of taxes the owner pays on the property.

Macomb has already placed a seven-day nuisance violation on the site and by posting that they have the right to at least remove the garbage and clear away debris.

You can read more about this situation at the here.

Currently the property is in foreclosure.

Click here for some additional background information from the McDonough County Voice.

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