Cleaning out the medicine cabinet

Hannibal area residents cleaned out their cabinets of expired, unused and unwanted prescription drugs Wednesday.

The Hannibal Clinic hosted a drug take back event with the Northeast Missouri Narcotics Task Force.

People brought their unused drugs to the clinic's family practice area.

Dr. Lent Johnson is a family physician at the Hannibal Clinic.

He says left-over drugs can tempt young children who might think they're candy.

Today's services helps makes sure that dangerous medications are disposed of properly.

"The medications are taken in possession by the drug task force members. And they have access to incineration which is probably the safest way of disposing of these types of medications," Dr. Johnson said.

People were encouraged to flush their old or unused drugs down the toilet in the past. Dr. Johnson says that environmental concerns have stopped that practice.

He says disposing of them at an event such as this one is the best and safest way to get rid of them.