Cleaning a jewel in the Gem City

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Dozens came out Saturday to clean the basement of Washington theater.

Volunteers took the ceiling tiles down and removed the installation from what once was Spectrum Health Club.

Racers were a big help in cleaning up what had already been pulled down... taking out drywall and sweeping the carpet before it was removed.

Even though they made a lot of progress today, there's still a lot more work to be done.

There's another room upstairs that used to be an old dance studio.

Washington Theater Commission member Paul Denckla says once they get everything cleaned up, Washington Theater will be a great asset to the downtown area.

"Paul Denckla says, "It's a place to go. And if we have wonderful events in here, then the businesses in the square benefit. They can stay open later and they can make some more money from people coming out after the show. Going out and having a little nosh at the end of the evening so we really think it's important for the overall health of the downtown area."

Denckla says if you are interested in helping out on the next clean up day, pay attention to the board outside of the Washington Theater, and to KHQA.