Clayton woman gets prison time for deadly DUI

UPDATED: December, 15, 2010

A Clayton, Illinois woman will spend more than four years in prison for killing someone while driving drunk.

23-year-old Brianne Buss got two separate prison sentences for aggravated DUI Wednesday, December 15th.

The crash in November of last year near Paloma killed 46-year-old Lesa Richmiller, and hurt her daughter.

Friends and family spoke in court this morning about the loss of Richmiller, and about Brianne Buss' character.

KHQA's Jarod Wells caught up with some family members after the sentencing.

Lesa's oldest daughter Mariah Richmiller said, "It's been hell without Mom with us."

Lesa's husband, David Richmiller, said, "I was very surprised that she got that. I thought it would be less and I'm not happy, I'm not happy about that. If I think that her going to prison would even stop one other family from having to deal with what my family has had to deal with, it's been horrible."

Mariah Richmiller said, "I'm happy that there was some justice held but it's not going to bring her back."

David Richmiller said, "No amount of money, no amount of compensation will ever bring her back."

As David Richmiller spoke to the court Wednesday morning, he said something has to be done to stop drunk driving.

David Richmiller said, "My mother was killed when I was 4, I didn't even remember her. And my oldest sister, she was like a mother to me and when I turned 18 she was killed by a drunk driver on her vacation in Florida, she left two little boys. My brother's wife was killed by a drunk driver, Lesa's brother, and then 40 some years later, Lesa's killed. It's just stupid, it's foolish."

Brianne Buss was sentenced to a total of seven years in the Illinois Department of Corrections; five years for the Class 2 felony aggravated driving under the influence for the death of Lesa Richmiller and two years for the Class 4 felony driving under the influence for the severe injuries Richmiller's youngest daughter, Hannah, sustained.

Buss will serve those sentences concurrently.

Adams County State's Attorney Jon Barnard said, "I think the court did the right thing under very difficult circumstances. This is one of those rare cases where there are compelling arguments in every direction."

Buss must serve at least 85 percent, or a little more than four years, before being considered for early release.


Update: October 22, 2010

The Clayton Illinois woman charged with two counts of aggravated DUI following a deadly car crash near Paloma last year, pleads guilty to the charges and will be sentenced 10 days before Christmas.

Brianne Buss appeared today in court and admitted she had been drinking just a couple of hours before the accident that killed Lisa Richmiller.

As part of the negotiated plea, Buss faces a sentence of between probation up to seven years in prison.