Class registration open for Art Camp

Registration for summer classes at the Quincy Art Center is open.

Registration for summer classes at the Quincy Art Center is open.

Whether you're new to art, or want to give your child a creative outlet, there is a class for everyone.

"It's very personalized ," said Art Camp instructor Lexi Mayberry. " It's what you want to make of it. I think it's just exciting how personalized it is for each person. "

The Quincy Art Center hosts an Art Camp every summer, in hopes to spur creativity.

There are classes for every skill level and just about any age, from pre-school to adult.

One of the classes is Found Object Frenzy!, a class where anything can be art.

Instructor Libby Holt is teaching this class.

"I don't want any kid to ever feel like they're not good enough or not smart enough or not ready or prepared to come to class, because they are ," Holt said. " We'll take good care of them here."

The art center is also reaching out to adults, whether you want to take a class with your child, or go solo, you're never too old to try.

"Don't be scared ," said Mayberry. " Anybody can create art, there's just different styles of the way that you make them."

Classes begin in June, with morning and afternoon classes.

To register, you can click here for more information , or call 217-223-5900.

Scholarships are available for students who qualify.

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