Clarksville Station rises from the ashes with a new name

Not even eight weeks later, that rebuild is a reality.

It was in early March when a popular restaurant in Clarksville, Missouri burned to the ground.

While the Clarksville Station sat smoldering, owners were already planning their rebuild.

And not even eight weeks later, that rebuild is a reality.

Owner Nathalie Pettus remembers watching the restaurant burn, and knew even then, that she would rebuild.

"You almost can't feel if you want to go on, you just have to keep going on," Pettus said.

Pettus believes the opportunity to rebuild is symbolic for a rebirth.

The restaurant is now called the Courtyard at Overlook Farm, and even has a new sign to signify the growth.

"It's the combination of the dragon and phoenix," explained Pettus. "The pearl in the middle, which is my birthstone, signifies wisdom that I'm hoping I'm gaining as I experience all of this. And the phoenix, which is obviously the phoenix rising again from the ashes. And that is what we are doing, we jump back from every challenge, we move forward."

With a new look, new hours, and a new found inspiration, Pettus is looking forward to what the future brings for her and her staff.

"We are thrilled to have accomplished as much as we have in just short of eight weeks since the fire."

The Courtyard will host a special opening on Saturday, April 26 starting at 11am until 9pm so visitors can see the progress.

Pettus hopes to open the restaurant for normal business next month.