Clark County residents assess damage after hail storm

Clark County residents assess damage after hail storm.

Residents in Clark County, Missouri are busy with repairs as a result of Saturday night's hail storm.

"It knocked all of the window panes out, clear out...pretty well wiped out the storm windows...everything on the north and west side...and the vinyl siding on the church, it kind of just almost shredded it. Hail damage in the roof and siding," said Kahoka resident Ralph Dorrell.
"We're just trying to cover up the windows so if it rains again before we can get them repaired it won't be raining inside," added Dorrell.

One Kahoka resident actually saved the golf-ball sized hail that damaged her siding and went through her kitchen window.

Houses weren't the only thing damaged by the recent storm.

"We had significant damage to our wheat and to our corn. The corn is about waist high and it's chopped up pretty bad," said farm owner Dean Webster.

These damaged crops now mean damaged profits for farmers in northeast Missouri.

"The farmers are going to sustain a significant loss, and once you lose 35 percent of your crop production, you've lost all of your profit margin and more," added Webster.

As for what's next...

"We'll just have to check with the insurance and see what they'll do for us," said Webster.
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