Clark County Mule Festival

Being on top of a mule is the last place the KHQA weekend crew expected to be Sunday morning. But that's just where KHQ's Justen Arnold and Alexis Hunt ended up at the 23rd annual Clark County Mule Festival in Kahoka.

The event draws people from all around the country, and you can see why. Not only are there crafts and flea markets, but where else can you see cool mule shows. After Justen and Alexis were officially welcomed with kisses from Clark County residents, we were thrown on mules, carrying water balloons, hoping they wouldn't burst.

Over the years, this event proves to be fun for every age group.

"I like mules and I like doing barrels and stuff like that. It's just a lot of fun and I doing it," said 8 year old mule rider Erika Torman.

Something else that makes the event a success is that community members pull together and volunteer their time at the fair grounds.