Clark County Fair brings tradition to Missouri

This food both is rich in family tradition.

The Clark County Fair may seem like any other county fair, but it is home to some long standing traditions that you may not find anywhere else in the state of Missouri.

This fair had just about everything you need to make a successful fair with corndogs, lemon-shake ups and horse racing.

The horse racing happening here is part of the only fair in the state of Missouri to feature it.

The long standing tradition brings horse owners from all over the state to the fairgrounds.
But that's not the only fair tradition you'll see.

The Lancaster family has been selling food here since the late 60s.

"We were probably the first tacos in the area. That was long before Taco Bell. And then we went into corn dogs, tenderloins. Of course, lemonade shake-ups are a very good seller for us, as well as foot long corndogs. We have a recipe that is very unusual, in our corndogs. We have very good luck with it," Marilyn Lancaster said.

Some might say it's a family affair.

Their grandson, Brandon Hyde, is a part of the family business.

"Grandma and grandpa started me out doing this when I was about six-years-old. And I've been doing it ever since. It's just a good way to pay off college, and a little fun money to spend," Hyde said.

Marilyn's grandson isn't sure if he'll carry on the family business, but says he loves the time he gets to spend with his family.