Claims adjusters arrive in Quincy

Storm cleanup continues in Quincy.

Wednesday marks the third day of removing trees and assessing damage.

Insurance claims adjusters were in the area visiting homes that were hit hard.

Lindsey Boetsch rode around with an adjuster...

She went to one one home whose residents were on vacation during the storm.

Bill Waters and his wife were soaking in the sun Sunday night in the beautiful state of Hawaii...

When they came back Tuesday, they were shocked. The trees that once stood in his backyard now cover it. The pool they were going to sit around on the 4th of July is ruined.

"We've had winds before but nothing like this. We've had ice storms here before. Trees have started leaning down, but they always come back. But this time it's gone I'm afraid," said Bill Waters.

The big shade tree in his back yard looks like it was split in half by lightning. Half of the tree went one way. The other half went on top of his house, through his kitchen window.

"It's a beautiful shade tree, that's what we're going to miss. We used to sit on the deck in the evenings. The sun goes down to the west and we could sit and eat our evening meal if we'd like. Those days are gone with this tree," says Waters.

A claims adjuster met with Waters Wednesday afternoon.

"We take a look to see where a majority of the damage is, take photographs, discuss with them about their coverages, explain the claims process. Who they need to contact, whether it's an electrician or a Mitigation company, tree debris service," said Nicole Euchaski.

In Waters's case, his first step is a tree removal service.

"Anyone who's going to do temporary repairs, we do ask that you make sure that it is safe for you to do so. Don't get on the roof if you've got some cracked decking, or cracked boards. Just be safe. If you don't think it's something you're able to do, we encourage you to call a professional," said Euchaski.

Even though there are a lot of branches to clean up, his pool liner is ripped, and there's a tree through his kitchen window, Waters is just thankful no one was hurt.

"Everything will get cleaned up and we'll get back to normal. It might take a little bit of time. It's not going to happen before the 4th of July but we'll see after that. Hopefully it will all get cleaned up within a week or two," said Waters.

State Farm claims adjuster Nicole Euchaski also says it's very important to save all of your receipts and documents of anything you've had to pay for.

That can give claim adjusters a better estimate of how much money you will receive.

State Farm will be out at Lowe's tomorrow if you have any questions about your claims.

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