City workers help rescue curious dachshund

City workers help rescue curious dachshund

City workers worked together to rescue a curious creature in Hannibal on Tuesday.

In the attached video, watch the moment Ginger was rescued.

Amanda Rhodes' dog, Ginger, ran down a groundhog hole on Monday night.

The hole was at the edge of their yard and directly beneath a concrete sidewalk on city property.

Rhodes and her husband were unable to coax Ginger out before having to leave for work early Tuesday morning.

Later that morning, family members came by to check if Ginger had come out.

Chris Redmond, sister-in-law of Amanda, could hear whining coming from the hole.

Redmond called the city and Department of Public Works Superintendent Brian Chaplin arrived on scene and gave the approval for city workers to break the sidewalk.

Redmond tells KHQA Chaplin did not hesitate. He got down on the ground and started digging with his hands to get Ginger out. He even suffered some hand and knuckle scrapes in the process.

Ginger's owners would like to thank all of the workers that assisted in the rescue including Chaplin, Hunter McNeal, David Todd, and anyone else they may have left out.

Redmond also tells KHQA they "truly appreciate all their hard work, dedication and compassion in an often thankless job".

We hope Ginger has learned her lesson. But if she does venture into another hole, at least Rhodes and her husband know who to call!

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