City wants to pursue historic district designation

Palmyra Missouri is looking at trying to get a historic designation for part of their Main Street.

The idea is in the early stages, but if the proposal is approved at the state level, property owners could be eligible for tax credits and grants if they were to fix up their store fronts.

Palmyra Mayor Loren Graham thinks it's a good idea as he looks at several buildings along Main Street.

"You know we have the civil war history and there are a lot of old and historical homes in Palmyra that have been restored and this would tie in with all that," Graham said.

The idea is still in it's infancy. But for Craig Spratt who is a business owner along Main Street he likes the idea and thinks the city should continue to investigate the possibilities.

"Well sure, I think anybody in the downtown would look at that, and I hope so anyway, because you know it's all in our best interest. And it's a point of pride too of course, everybody wants the downtown to look nice and everybody is on Main Street," Spratt said.

Right now, there's been just one meeting between the city and the consultant who would eventually help the city through the process if they decide to pursue the designation. The first step is to take a survey of the buildings and gather more input from area property owners and local residents.