City of Quincy wants more garbage, recycle trucks

A Quincy garbage collector picks up bags of trash

The Quincy Garbage and Recycling Committee met Tuesday evening to discuss a plan that would bring more garbage and recycling trucks to the city.

Right now, nine total trucks are being used to collect trash and recyclables. Those trucks are about 14 years old, but they come with a suggested limit of only seven years of use.

At the meeting, committee members approved a plan to send the recommendation of two new garbage trucks and two new recycle trucks to the city council. The council already purchased one new truck about two months ago.

Garbage trucks will cost about $153,000 a piece, while recycle truck will cost $257,000 a piece.

"We had budgeted for four vehicles in our budget which were two automated garbage trucks, and two automated recycle trucks. Since we went to non-automated garbage, we were able to save a little money and thereâ??s where we were able to afford an extra vehicle,â?? Quincy Mayor, Kyle Moore said.

The city feels that in the long run, new trucks will be more cost effective than constantly repairing the old trucks. So far this year close to $55,000 dollars have been spent on repairs.

The city is also sticking to their plan to become more efficient, therefore going with more automated recycle trucks.

With efficiency in mind, Mayor Moore says another garbage tote program will take place in the near future.

"You know you leave a bag out in your neighborhood, wild animals gets in to it, and you have a very unsightly seen in your neighborhoods, also I say safety, itâ??s easier for you to wheel out your garbage to the curb, than to lift out a 40 pound bag of garbage and carry it to your curb," Mayor Moore said.

Right now the city currently operates its trash pickup using three garbage trucks, and three recycle trucks per day.

The city plans to vote on this measure at the September 8 city council meeting.