City of Quincy moving towards new garbage trucks

When the new price of garbage stickers takes effect in Quincy on May 1, a proposal for new garbage trucks could be in the works.

Last month, the Quincy City Council voted to increase the price of stickers from 50 to 75 cents.

One of the main reasons for the increase was to help with maintenance of the city's garbage trucks.

Director of Central Services Marty Stegeman says it's too early to say exactly when the city will have new trucks or how many, and that he'll know more once he learns how the new sticker price affects his department's expenses.

However, he hopes a request for proposals on trucks will go out soon.

"We're hoping to get it out in this next three to four weeks, that's the goal. Should that come to pass, we would be looking at return proposals sometime in late April or early May, and then it would be taken to the garbage and recycle committee to review those bids," Stegeman said.

Last month's proposal that included the sticker increase also included an option for residents to use garbage totes for a monthly fee of $12.99.

Also at Monday's meeting, the council approved a price quote of $16,250 for an order of 2 million garbage stickers.