City of Quincy moves forward with fix-or-flatten properties

Quincy City Planner Chuck Bevelheimer described the city's six additions to its fix-or-flatten list Monday night

The Quincy City Council gave the go-ahead Monday to move forward with six properties on the city's fix-or-flatten list.

In a 13 to 0 vote, with one council member absent, the council approved taking action on the following properties:

- 912 Lind St.

- 1029 N. 6th St.

- 624 N. 8th St.

- 834 Spruce St.

- 717 N. 5th St.

- 720 Ohio St.

City Planner Chuck Bevelheimer said the six properties are all vacant, single-family homes.

He said for a property to be considered on the list, it must meet four state statutes.

It must be vacant, it must be unsafe, the utilities must be shut off, and there must be a lien against the property.

Bevelheimer said the council's vote will start the process of notifying the property owners.

"Now we're referring these to our legal department to start making the notifications to the property owners and lienholders," he said.

Bevelheimer also said there are several steps remaining before the properties are either fixed or flattened.

"We've addressed them (property owners) in the past by giving them notices about nuisances, whether it's tall grass and weeds, garbage, or unsafe structures, now it's time that we're moving it up a notch and going after it using a state statute to declare the properties dangerous and unsafe," he said.

Even with Monday's decision, the property owners still have the opportunity to address the city council about their plans.

According to Bevelheimer, these are the only properties that will be considered on the fix-or-flatten list this year.

In some years, the city adds as many as 10 properties to the list.

The City of Quincy has budgeted $32,000 for demolition of the six properties, if the process goes that far.

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