City of Quincy addresses 2012-2013 budget

After weeks of meetings and talking with city department heads, the Quincy City Council unanimously approved a budget Monday night that will begin May 1.

It's not exactly what Mayor John Spring and his staff initially proposed. In fact it's about $500,000 less than the initial proposal.


I think it's a good workable budget," Spring said at a Monday morning press conference at City Hall. "I'm very happy that these gentlemen behind me, along with their fellow aldermen worked together to make this possible."

The total budget for the upcoming fiscal year is $
million dollars. Of the $500,000
cut from the initial proposal, roughly $316,000
will go into the city's reserve fund, $105,000 will be divided up between the city's seven wards for projects in those areas and $40,000 will remain in the Green Fund.

That totals just over $460,000. To get to the half million dollar mark, about $38,000 was cut in funds that were set to go to non-profit agencies and other groups that received city funds in previous years.

One of those groups that saw their funding cut was the Great River Economic Development Foundation. Executive Director Jim Mentesti said
an $18,000 cut isn't easy. He also said
his 24-member board will have to look at ways to make up the difference.

Ald. Paul Havermale, who has been on the council since 2003, said said
he didn't want taxpayers to continue to pay for some services that were outside of city government
. He and others on the council felt that if residents want to support area non-profits, they could give donations privately.


All in all, I think this is fair," he said. "I think it's consistent with what the council has done and I think and would hope everybody would see the logic in what we're trying to do."

The budget that was agreed upon is only 2%
over what the budget was for last year. But it's about $1.5 less then what the city operated on in the 2009 - 2010 budget.