City cites owner of crumbling Quincy hotel

The City of Quincy filed a formal complaint against the holding company that owns the Newcomb Hotel.

The April 26 complaint cites Elisha Prero, the registered agent of Newcomb Realty, LLC, with maintaining an unsafe structure.

Prero is the registered agent for the corporation owned by Victor Horowitz, the hotel's owner.

The citation signed by Quincy building inspector Mike Seaver is reference to a roof collapse that occurred the night of April 17.

"A contractor has met with the architect and they're evaluating what needs to be done to repair the damage," Prero said.

The city is exploring its options with the 125-year-old hotel that's remained vacant for decades. The city is even considering foreclosing on the building due to an outstanding loan made to Horowitz that was never repaid.

The hotel was named to Landmarks Illinois' Ten Most Endangered Historic Places for 2013.

It's estimated that it would cost about $14 million to rehabilitate the dilapidated building.