Church bus crash sends two to the hospital

The bus crashed on this stretch of road on Route V east of New London, Missouri.

A Hannibal church bus crashed east of New London, Missouri Wednesday evening sending two women to the hospital.

The Ralls County sheriff's office says about 10 people, many of whom were children, were on the bus when it traveled off the road and hit an embankment at about 5 p.m.

The children were okay.

Driver Cynthia Whitaker and passenger Katherine Bateman were taken to Hannibal Regional Hospital for minor and moderate injuries respectively.

The crash happened about a mile east of New London on Route V.

Sheriff Gerry Dinwiddie said the bus would've hit a tree head-on had it bounced two feet to the right.

"What we determined by talking with the kids, they had had a seat belt class that morning," Dinwiddie said. "They were all excited about wearing their seat belts. Most of them had their seat belts on. The lady who got hurt did not have her's on and it threw her around, which caused the injuries."

The passengers were from Antioch Baptist Church in Hannibal.

The bus was owned by Calvary Baptist Church in Hannibal.

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