Christmas miracle on 2007 Irwin Street

A Hannibal family is counting their blessings after their home caught fire on Christmas Day.

While everything is in ashes at 2007 Irwin Street, no one was hurt.

But the amazing part of this story comes in the form of a holiday miracle as Christmas was saved with the help of Good Ol' Saint Nick.

"It was bad they woke me up and told me the house was on fire. They'd had an ash tray on fire before so I figured you know it was an ash tray, but then I seen a trash can on fire, then I ran outside with the kids," said Angie Hayes.

Hayes, her three children, and her boyfriend were able to escape the house. All they have are the clothes on their backs and a hope chest containing important papers and some family pictures.

Not much is left of the family's home after a fire destroyed in on Christmas Day. But even though possessions are lost, Angie Hayes says the community has pulled together to give them a bright holiday.

That's where Self-made Santa Claus, Jack Bailey comes in. He runs Santa's Workshop in Beardstown, Illinois. He makes and refurbishes old toys and collects new ones for needy children. Christmas Day he helped more than 2,000 children...up from 400 last year.

And with a greater need this year, one would think there would be less toys left over...But Jack Bailey knew he had to help Angie and her family.

"We found out about them by watching channel 7. And we had a few extra toys it seems like people the last two days prior to Christmas we'd send out a load...we'd have two loads walking through the door," said Jack Bailey.

So after Jack Bailey found out the family's need's...He then dressed in his jolly red suit, loaded up his sleigh full of toys and headed to Hannibal Sunday to surprise them with a Christmas that was cut all too short.

Despite everything that has happened Angie says thanks to Santa Claus and the community it turned out to be a good Christmas after all.

"I'm thankful I've got my kids my family and people that care about me."

And one of those people is Jack Bailey. Who seems to care about everyone especially the little ones in need.

"Children are my weakness and I can't see them without. I don't care who they are. I don't care what race, denomination, what religion. I can't see children be without," said Bailey.

Bailey says he's around 365 days a year. So if parents can't afford Birthday or Christmas presents for their children just call him and he'll help.

He also needs toy donations year round too.

So if you need help or want to help call him at 217-491-3639 or 217-617-3097.

Angie and her family also still need help like clothing and school supplies for the kids.

Clothing sizes are below:Girl needs: Size 4-5 pants, Medium shirts, and size 7 shoes

Boy needs: Size 10-12 and 8 pants, Medium shirts, and size 3 and 4 shoes

Women needs: Size 6 pants, Medium shirts, size 8 shoes

Men needs: Size 36 jeans, Large shirts, and size 10 shoes