Christmas Basket Program brings holidays to those in need

For the last sixteen years, Angela Smith and her husband Allen Smith have worked side by side with the Schuyler County Sheriff's Department to bring Christmas to those in need. The Christmas Basket Program was originally held at the American Legion Hall, but was eventually picked up by the county sheriff.

"This program now with the sheriff, it makes people smile. The kids come up to you and hug your leg and say thanks thanks. It about half way makes you cry. This year, we need the help," Allen Smith said.

This year, the program is seeing lower numbers of donations, and with Christmas right around the corner, the Smiths are hoping to find more support. They are expecting to have more than 375 baskets to deliver this year.

As a way to boost donations, Smith is holding a "Stuff the Truck" event. People will be welcome to fill the truck with non-perishable foods and toys.

The Stuff the Truck event will be held December 14th and 15th at the County Market in Rushville. Other donations can be made directly through the Schuyler County Sheriff's Department.

The baskets will be delivered on December 23rd.