Christina Whitaker's family reacts to national TV show

The family of a missing Hannibal woman received national media attention again this week.

But the debut wasn't necessarily in the best possible light.

Christina Whitaker's parents, boyfriend and ex-boyfriend appeared on The Steve Wilkos Show Monday morning.

It's a syndicated talk show, which airs on CW in our market.

KHQA's Rajah Maples sat down with Christina's mother, Cindy Young and Travis Blackwell Tuesday afternoon.

They said they were disappointed with the show, but don't regret telling their story on national television.

They hope any exposure, good or bad, will help bring their loved one home.

Young and Blackwell sat together with Alexandria Tuesday afternoon with no hard feelings for what happened on national television. They haven't watched the program, which was taped the first part of February. Young said they all were surprised by what transpired on the show and that all of the emotions were real, not staged.

Did you know it was going to get as heated as it did?Young answered, "No. A lot of people have been upset with the whole show , and they've been sympathetic."

Some people even have asked Young's family for Blackwell's address, possibly to harm him. But Whitaker's family believes Blackwell was not responsible in any way for Christina's disappearance. Young also says Blackwell voluntarily passed a legit lie detector test at the Hannibal Police Department.

Young said, "I know the show does what they do for ratings. I'm not saying whether their lie detector test is accurate or not. He does love her, and those two are close. The more I thought about it, the more less likely I thought it to be true."

Blackwell said, "It was a total nightmare. I wish I hadn't gone on the show, but if it helps get Christina home, it was worth every bit of it. My relationship with Christina at the time was really great. I miss her every day and wish she'd come home. Whoever has her, I wish they'd cut her loose. My relationship with the family is good. We got everything patched up."

Young said, "Even the show, as bad as it was, we still hope it may provide a good lead for us. That somebody might see what we're going through. If she's out there or they've seen her, maybe they'll call and say 'she's here and alive."

That show made it sound as though Christina has passed on, do you believe that?Young said, "No, I'm her mom. I've even talked with psychics, and they've had differing opinions, but they all feel a mother's intuition is strong, and I've never had the feeling that she's passed at all. I know in my heart she's alive and out there."

Blackwell said, "I love Christina and always will. I hope she comes home. Being accused of that blows my mind."

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