Christina Hanna crowned Miss Quincy 2013

All nine candidates for Miss Quincy 2013.

Quincy crowned its newest royalty Saturday night.

Megan Ervin, who took home the Miss Quincy and Miss Illinois titles last year crowned this year's Miss Quincy, Christina Hanna, shortly after 10:30 p.m.

She was crowned in front of an audience at the Miss Quincy Scholarship Pageant , inside the Quincy Community Theater at the Oakley-Lindsay Center.

Kelsey Peters took home the crown for Miss Gem City. Ailaa Ippensen was crowned Miss Quincy Outstanding Pre-Teen. Angelica Niemann took home the crown for Miss Quincy Outstanding Teen. Miss Gem City Outstanding Teen went to Mackenzie Mahsman. Emma Sparrow is Little Miss Quincy.

Contestants for Miss Quincy and Miss Gem City competed in the areas of interview, lifestyle and fitness in swimwear, talent, evening gown, and on-stage question. Miss Quincy Outstanding Teen and Miss Quincy Outstanding Pre-Teen contestants competed in the areas of interview, lifestyle and fitness in active wear, talent, evening gown, and on-stage question. Little Miss Quincy contestants competed in interview and on-stage question. Advertising and ticket sales also make up a part of their scoring.

Miss Quincy candidates: Meghan Townley, 22, daughter of Bill and Mary Townley; Christy Miller, 22, daughter of Chuck and Cindy Miller; Niaa Ward, 17, daughter of Crishawn Ward; Kaitlin Schuckman, 21, daughter of Jill Schuckman and Kraig Schuckman; Kayla Bunch, 17, daughter of Jeff and Kelle Bunch; Kayla Power, 21, daughter of Cathy and Todd Willer and Eric Power; Jennifer Benavidez, 18, daughter of Rosa and Rafael Benavidez; Christina Hanna, 20, daughter of Larry and Debbie Hanna; and Shani Belshaw, 19, daughter of Mary and Tammy Belshaw.

Miss Quincy Outstanding Teen contestants: Jessica Grammer, 17, daughter of Robbie and Amy Grammer; Angelica Niemann, 16, daughter of Ted and Suzanne Niemann; Kira Eidson, 14, daughter of Barry and Vicky Eidson; Samantha Clostermery, 15, daughter of Don and Marcie Clostermery; Raven Ash, 13, daughter of Amber Gottman and Scott Ash; Aspen Gengenbacher, 14, daughter of Nick and Ali Power and Ron Gengenbacher; Kayce Smith, 15, daughter of David Smith and Lori Orr; and Juliana Fray, 14, daughter of Donnie and Jennifer Fray.

Miss Quincy Outstanding Pre-Teen contestants: Madison Baze, 10, daughter of Richard and Mandy Baze; Kristin Martin, 12, daughter of Karen Wolf and Michael Martin; Madeline Miller, 9, daughter of Bethany Nannen Miller and Dustin Miller; Claire Logan, 10, daughter of Shane and Melissa Logan; Paige Schumacher, 10, daughter of Ryan and Kate Schumacher; Ailaa Ippensen, 11, daughter of Brian and Penni Ippensen; Hadley Klingele, 12, daughter of Patrick and Tammy Klingele; Neely Humphrey, 11, daughter of Kris and Tammy Humphrey; Noel VanderBol, 11, daughter of Gabriel and Holly VanderBol; Kyra Schuckman, 12, daughter of Jill Schuckman and Kraig Schuckman

Little Miss Quincy candidates: Jocelyn Hart, 7, daughter of Jill Hart and Kevin Hart; Holly Logan, 7, daughter of Shane and Melissa Logan; Lindsey Ramsey, 6, daughter of Michael and Stacey Ramsey; Shania Johnson, 8, daughter of Robin Johnson and Mark Sigler Jr.; Kaylee Ludwig, 9, daughter of Mark and Heidi Ludwig; Kimora Johnson, 7, daughter of Kristina Davis and David Johnson; Michaelia Goodwin, 9, daughter of Dustin and Amanda Goodwin; Kaitlyn Drew, 7, daughter of Michael and Jen Drew; Olivia Arrowsmith, 9, daughter of Jay and Jennifer Arrowsmith; Jonnie Goodwin, 6, daughter of Dustin and Amanda Goodwin; Madison Michelle McClain, 8, daughter of Brad McClain and Brandie Straube; Emma Sparrow, 9, daughter of Dennis and Lynne Sparrow; Morgan Elston, 6, daughter of Daren and Andrea Elston; Triniti Dyer, 6, daughter of Tara Dyer and John Knowles; Adriana Pavon, 7, daughter of Kevin and Davina Pavon; Angel Denton, 6, daughter of Brooke Hopson and Teon Denton; and Eva Davis, 7, daughter of Sara and Ramey Thurman and Matt Davis.