Chickens a no-no in Macomb

City zoning bans chickens

A proposal to let homeowners in Macomb own a chicken is now fried.

Tri-States Public Radio

reports a clear majority of the city council agreed in a 'committee of the whole" meeting that this was not a good idea.

You'll remember the city received three separate inquiries in recent months asking the city to allow the poultry.

City zoning currently bans chickens, geese, ducks, and goats in the city limits, but does not prohibit rabbits.

One alderman pointed out if you want to raise chickens, you could buy land just outside of town that's properly zoned for agriculture.

Both Quincy (Chapter 22, Animals) and Hannibal (Chapter 4, Animals) currently allow chickens, including roosters, within city limits, although Hannibal has a few more restrictions.

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