Chicken fry raises money for a Mount Sterling school

Yingling estimates the school raised 5000 to 8000 dollars in Sunday's chicken fry

Fried chicken was in everyone's hands at a fundraiser in Mount Sterling Sunday.

"It's just a great event; coming together and having good fellowship and food and friends and family and that's what it's all about," Vada Yingling, a fundraising co-chair for St. Mary School, said.

Yingling believes there is no better way to bring a community together than over a home-cooked meal.

It's no surprise she plays a role in an event that helps raise money for St. Mary School in Mount Sterling.

"Everything is expensive these days, and so the chicken fry we do this, this time of year as a back to school kind of gathering," Yingling said.

"The fundraisers help keep our tuition costs down so that it makes it affordable for our families," St. Mary School Principal Ann Williamson said.

"They have to have those funds because they have to stay on the cutting edge of technology for the kids," Alice Glasgow, a St. Mary School parent, said.

Volunteers fried up and dished out at least 500 pounds of chicken. Their work transformed chicken into big bucks for the school.

It even brought kids and parents together for a good time.

St. Mary School 5th grader, Grace Groesch found this fry to be a tasty kick off to her school year.

"I'm really excited because I get to see all my friends. And then I get to play all of the games that are out back," Groesch said.

But paying a few dollars for a plate of chicken wasn't the only way people could help out.

"We get together and have kid's games on the lawn. We have a general raffle, kid's raffle and a quilt raffle along with a silent auction to help raise funds," Yingling said.

With plates licked clean and people smiling, Yingling is happy to know this year the school will have a few extra dollars to give students the resources they need.

"It's a pretty good fundraiser for us," Yingling said.

Yingling estimates the school raised $5,000 to $8,000 in Sunday's chicken fry.