Checking in on our Gold Medal Moves Family: Week 2

We met up with our Gold Medal Moves family this week to see how they've been doing.

This is the end of the second week of the program.

We followed Dana and Julie Herring around Hy-Vee as they learned about nutrition and the Nu-Val point system.

But they're learning about more than just health and fitness.

"One of the best things is just to see all the different things Quincy has to offer as far as fitness wise and meeting with Shelby at Hy-Vee seeing what they have to offer to help us that eat better and things like that," said Julie Herring.

"I know the choices I've been making at work, at lunch time and the choices at home that I've been making have been healthier," said Dana Herring.

"Before we weren't doing anything and now we get to go out and about and try new places and that's exciting," said Julie.

"We call each other to make sure we're all going to work out and see what we're eating and make sure that we're eating healthy," said Katrina Kroeger.

"A lot of it is just about attitude and just trying to keep a positive attitude where you're going shopping," said Dana.

The girls will weigh in next week at the half way mark.