Check destination's forecasts during holiday travel

As we contend with the first blast of winter weather, it should serve as a reminder to those people who might be travelling next week during the Christmas holiday.

Sergeant Brent Bernhardt is with the Missouri Highway Patrol and he says that people need to look at the weather forecast to where they're going if they decide to drive to their destination.

He says even if the weather here in the Tri State area is okay, there could be a drastic change just a couple of hundred miles from here.

"Certainly the winter weather can sneak up on us very quickly. And the road conditions can change very quickly. One of the things that we urge motorists to recognize is just because the weather is good where you're living, you need to pay attention to the weather forecast in the area where you plan to travel too to make sure it's going to be conducive to good travel," Bernhardt said.

The official holiday counting period for fatality accidents begins Friday the 21st and end on the 25th.

Last year, five people died on Missouri highways during the Christmas holiday counting period.