Cheaper electricity may be in Quincy's future

The Quincy city council gave first reading to a proposal to allow voters to say yes or no to a plan that could cut their electricity cost.

If voters approved the plan in November, it could mean a cost savings on your electricity bill.

Residents would get their electricity from another provider instead of Ameren. But all service calls and repairs would still be handled by Ameren.

Several communities including Jacksonville, are moving toward energy aggregation as an option for residents.

City Administrator Gary Sparks says that the principal is the same one the city uses now to buy salt to clean the streets.

"We join in with other communities to buy the salt for our streets, this will allow us to join in with other communities, in a group and buy our energy in a bulk," Sparks said.

The program also has opt out options for those who decide they don't want to join.

You will also be able to opt out if you try it for a while and decide you don't want it anymore.

To get on the ballot in time for November, the city council will have to give a third and final reading to the ordinance by August 20th.

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