Cheap, easy ways to improve an ugly kitchen

Ugly kitchens like this need help. You can do it on the cheap.

Updating your home takes time and can be costly. One of the most expensive areas to complete is an out-of-date kitchen.

Classic Colors manager Mark Horman knows what a good coat of new paint can do for a room. But even he was surprised at how easy it is to update your counter tops with this specialty paint mix by Giani.

"It's really great because it's adjustable and when you see that you've done a color you don't like, it's easy to change," Horman said.

Now instead of buying a completely new counter top, homeowners can paint and dabble over an ugly countertop with ease with several colors to fix your style. Click here to watch the first steps of the process.

The first step is a primer to help the paint adhere to the surface. Then use a sponge to blot colors all over the counter and blend to your heart's content. Click here to watch how easy it is to make your counter top look like granite.

After drying several hours, use a clear coat to top it off. This needs to dry 24 hours before gentle use. It takes a week to cure the top for years of use. Click here to see how to finish off a great looking counter top.

Click here for a photo gallery from the Giani website.

Another issue is ugly or out of date tile. Use a special primer to cover your tile, dry and then paint with regular paint. This is a good fix for back splashes ... but not for floors. Click here to watch a demonstration.

"People come back and they are thrilled with how it looks. It's a quick fix that is very inexpensive and they have a better look," Horman said.

There are many different products on the market for revamping countertops and tile.

But read instructions carefully and follow them to the letter.