Charity House in Quincy auctioned off

Update: Saturday Oct.16, 2010, 6:30 p.m.

The Charity House at 7th and Lind Street in Quincy is now off the market.

The Quincy Home Builder's Association accepted a $50,000 bid on the house Saturday morning.

The home's estimated worth stands around $70,000, but the association had decided that $50,000 was as low as the house would auction for.

The Q.H.B.A's President Mark Lawrence says the group will meet Thursday to discuss how much money will be allocated to charity. The Charity House project will raise money for Habitat for Humanity and Camp Callahan.


Here's an update on the new home being built at 701 Lind in Quincy. As promised the project to build a new house from scratch over 4 days is nearly complete.It started out as just a basic structure last week. Crews for the Homebuilders Association of Quincy worked very fast putting up the structure of home.By Sunday the outside of the home was almost complete. Almost all of the siding is in place.The inside has been painted and new floors have been laid. On Monday the concrete and sidewalks will be laid.Once all the work is done. the home will be auctioned off in October with all the proceeds split between the Quincy Habitat for Humanity chapterand Camp Callahan.


Update: Monday Sept. 13, 2010

It's day 2 on the 4 day plan to build a house from start to finish in Quincy.As we told you on Thursday of this week, members of the Homebuilders Association of Quincy are volunteering their time and materials to the project.The basic home will be completed by Sunday.But there will still be some exterior work like sidewalks that will be taken care of next week.Association president Mark Lawrence says that doing this project has really been a special experience for the guys involved.Lawrence says, "Nobody really had to be told what to do. It was all automatic. Everybody knew what the next step was. That's why this happened so quickly. When you get a group of professional guys that do this for a living, it all comes together very quickly"

Mark Lawrence says in the next few days insulation,dry wall be in place and by Sunday the inside will be ready for paint.