Charges to be dropped against Brent Burke

UPDATED: July 1 at 8:39 a.m.

The Ursa native accused of killing his estranged wife and her former mother-in-law is a free man ... almost.

According to our CBS affiliate WLKY in Kentucky, a judge dismissed the murder charges without prejudice against Brent Burke Wednesday afternoon.

They have released video of Burke in the Hardin County Detention Center in Kentucky days before he was released. Watch the entire video here.

But although charges against him are dismissed, Burke isn't able to go home yet.

He's been taken to Fort Campbell to be outprocessed.

His term with the military expired while he was in jail.

If he wants his job back, he will have to reenlist, which would have to go through the chain of command.

Fort Campbell plans to treat the case as they would an AWOL soldier.

After everything is taken care of, he will be released to go home.

There is no time frame on how long that will take.

Burke was released without prejudice, which means he can be indicted again if new evidence comes to light.

He's been through four murder trials, two ended in mistrials and two in hung juries.

Burke was arrested back in September of 2007 for the deaths of his estranged wife, Tracy, and her former mother-in-law, Karen Comer, at Comer's Rineyville home.

Burke had claimed his innocence since the beginning of the investigation.

He told WLKY he plans to pursue getting his job back at Fort Campbell. He also wants custody of his two children - one of whom testified against him.


UPDATED: June 28 at 3:20 p.m.

Although Brent Burke is still in prison, a Kentucky CBS affiliate WLKY, was able to speak with Brent Burke at the Hardin County Detention Center.

WLKY's Eric King spoke with Burke.

In the exclusive video, Brent Burke read a public statement.

Burke stated that he is an inoccent man and referred to himself as a "just a soldier and a father."

Watch the entire video here.

We are awaiting a judge's decision on the motion to dismiss the murder charges against Ursa, Ill. native Brent Burke.


It looks like Ursa native Brent Burke could get out of prison in Kentucky.

He's been there on murder charges since 2007.

Burke has been through four trials for the killings of his estranged wife and her former mother in law.

All of the trials ended in mistrials.

According to the News Enterprise out of Hardin Kentucky, the Commonwealth's Attorney is expected to dismiss without prejudice the charges against Burke, who was stationed at Ft. Campbell when the murders took place.

The attorney is expected to drop the charges against Burke on Tuesday.

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