Channel your inner artist

You can sketch, craft, paint and even mold in the up coming fall classes at the Quincy Art Center.

You can sketch, craft, paint and even mold in the upcoming fall classes at the Quincy Art Center.

"We have everything you can imagine, there's all sorts of varieties you can experiment with," Jennifer Teter, director if education at the Quincy Art Center said.

A lot of that variety is geared towards kids.

"You know they did a study with big corporations, Twentieth Century Skills, and one of the top four skills that they looked at for new employers was creativity," Teter said. "So not only is art fun it's also important in our child's life and development and a skill they can have future in life."

If you think the Quincy Art Center is just for kids, you're wrong.

"I have so many adults that say 'oh I wish I had time for that,' or 'that would be so much fun,' or 'I've never tried that'," Teter said. "So we're the venue that people can come to and have fun with and explore that creative side that maybe they haven't got in touch with in a while."

To help get in touch with that creative side the center is offering adult classes in painting, ceramics, beginning watercolor and much more.

Fall classes start September 4th, so pick up a paint brush, some chalk or clay and channel your inner artist.