Changing the way CCW permits are issued in Missouri

Sheriff's departments will have to carry more of the burden for concealed carry permits in Missouri starting on August 28th.

The Missouri General Assembly recently changed the process to get a conceal weapons permit after privacy concerns with the state's previous process.

"I like the local control part of it. I think it streamlines the process a little bit," Lewis County Sheriff David Parrish said.

The change came after a public outcry over the release of some private information by the Missouri Department of Revenue to federal agencies last year. The concern carried over to the statehouse and that prompted the change.

"I feel like right now it's the best option that was presented to us and I'm in favor of it," Missouri 1st District State Representative Craig Redmon said.

If you want to carry a concealed weapon in Missouri, you'll apply to your local sheriff's department. The sheriff's department will do a background check, which should take two to three weeks. The process should take less time than under the state department of revenue. Parrish said his office will be ready to go by next week.

"So any time that our legislative body can get together and decide that we need to return some of this responsibility back to local government, I support it," Parrish said.

Conceal carry permits now will expire in Missouri after five years instead of three years.

The sheriff also said at first his department will issue laminated paper permits until they get a machine to make the cards ... which might not be until the end of the year.