Changes in store for Palmyra crossovers on 61

MoDOT models from February 2011 public hearing / file graphic

By the end of the week, the Missouri Department of Transportation will know who the lowest bidder will be on the project to improve the safety of the intersections along U.S. 61 in Palmyra.

MoDOT has help several meetings with area residents about what will take place at the three intersections that include Main Cross, Ross and Thompson Streets.

Some of the intersections will be right turn only for both entering and exiting the highway and the crossover for east bound and west bound traffic on Ross Street going across 61 will be eliminated.

All of this to improve driver safety.

Construction will begin in mid to late August and the project should be finished by the middle of December.

When you see a red light, you know to stop.

Green means go, and yellow means proceed with caution.

But do you know what to do when you see a blinking yellow light?

Guess we'd better learn because a new type of stop light is coming to Hannibal.

As crews retool the intersection of West Ely Road, Pleasant Street and Highway 61, a new stop light will be installed.

It'll have a blinking yellow arrow on the turn lanes.

MODOT installed this type of light last year in Jefferson City, and they've been well received.

Rick Domzalski with MODOT says, "well, if you see a flashing yellow arrow, it means you can proceed with caution, just as you would with a yellow light. That's what a yellow light is, proceed with caution. This one will be flashing so you won't think it's a solid yellow light turning from green to red."

This intersection should be done in early fall.

Over the next several months, all the other intersections along Highway 61 will also upgrade to the new type of light.