Changes in store for Adams County Ambulance service

They've talked it, they've heard proposals, they've debated the issue and now the Adams County Ambulance Board has approved the motion to terminate the contract with its current third party billing vendor and bring that service back in house.

The decision comes after an audit earlier this year when it was discovered that accounts hadn't been collected on and now the board wants to turn things around.

The Adams County Ambulance Service operates six full time ambulances across the county. They average between 550 and 650 calls a month. And since 2007 a company called Intermedix has handled all of the billing and accounts receivable for the ambulance system. But a recent audit turned up some things that board didn't like about what Intermedix was doing and the decision was made to bring the billing back in house and terminate the contract with the third party billing vendor.

Paul Davis is the chief of the ambulance service and he said, "from a previous meeting, a plan was set forth to develop that and so now that strategy has been implemented to bring our billing back in house and enhance our revenue."

The in house billing will start on April 1, 2013. And to get the ambulance service up to speed with computer hardware, software, billing. Along with federal and state regulations, a Quincy business will be hired to help with that process. MBR will be on hand full time for the first 90 days and from there they'll be reviewing the operation for several months after that.

"We expect to see about a $200,000 increase in revenue generated just from enhancing our revenue cycle," Davis said.

Davis also said they reviewed their options and saw that by bringing the billing in house that could recoup of their past due accounts and enhance their revenue to a point where there won't be deficits on a monthly basis.

Davis said for the first 90 days after billing is brought back in house, Medical Business Resources will be in charge of the billing and accounts receivable.

After 90 days, the ambulance service will slowly take over the billing.