Changes for passengers of Cape Air

When Cape Air flies from Quincy to St. Louis, planes normally fly into Concourse C, but that will change Tuesday.

Cape Air has not flown into St. Louis since Friday, but it expects to pick up its normal schedule tomorrow.

There may be delays because of weather and equipment in St. Louis.

Some landing equipment was damaged at Lambert, so if there is any bad weather, you can expect delays.

Safety is the number one concern of Cape Air and you could safely say every airline as well as the airport.

If you are scheduled to fly Cape Air in the near future, here's some important information you need to know.

Cape Air's President, Dave Bushy says, "We'll be transferring to a different concourse. D Concourse. D8. We'll be making sure all of our personnel and aircraft are ready."

To see the latest Cape Air schedules, you can check out or call their toll free number 1-866-CAPE-AIR

Cape Air is also working with customers who were affected by the airline not flying into St. Louis over the weekend because of weather.