Changes could be coming to Keokuk city building code

The Keokuk Fire Chief is looking at a change in a local city ordinance that could help some property owners save money when they plan to remodel a building.

Right now, the city follows the International Fire Code when it comes to the installation of sprinkler systems and remodeling on new construction or work being done on a building already standing.

Fire Chief Gabe Rose sa


he's open to the possibility of using other ways to contain a fire in an older building that houses both multi family units and a business


apartment type situation.

"Contain the fire longer and also go with an alarm system that alerts, that if there is a problem downstairs it will alert them upstairs sooner so they have more time to get out as well as maintain, you know, compartmentalize and maintain the fire," Rose said.

Rose also said the issue was brought up at a city council workshop and that the city building inspector and the council must still weigh in with their thoughts.

He sa


it could save a landlord money if the proposed changes eventually go through

and become part of the city code.