Chaddock unveils $12 million school expansion plan

Chaddock wants to expand.

The center for the treatment of children suffering from psychological and emotional effects of abuse, neglect and trauma wants to build a new $12 million building on its 32-acre campus in Quincy.

Chaddock officials were on hand Sunday to make the announcement. The announcement marks one of the largest capital campaign in the organization's history. Chaddock already has about $1 million in charitable commitments, but will appeal to local, regional and national charitable organizations to raise additional money. It will also explore options for government grants.

Chaddock representatives will make appeals in about 90 United Methodist churches throughout Illinois between March and June.

"We're going to be going, certainly in the Quincy community, but throughout the state working with folks," says Chaddock President and CEO Debbie Reeed. "We're going to be in 90 churches between now and June and we have campaign committees locally, but also throughout the state to help us raise the much needed funds to get this school built."

The new school would replace the current K-12 education building and officials said it would allow the organization to increase the number of children it currently serves. It's expected to be twice the size of its current school.

Organization officials said the project is the result of a dramatic growth and demand for Chaddock's specialized treatment program. In the past decade, Chaddock enrolled children from 28 states. In the past year alone, enrollment in its fully accredited K-12 school grew 33 percent.

The need is critical in that we have used all our available resources," says Chaddock Director of Education Jerry Douglas. "We probably have more than twice as many students as we should have. And the need continues to expand as the number of kids expands."

The school currently relies on prefabricated classrooms to help give it more room, but other issues also need addressed, according to officials. For example, the current principal's office is located in the former closet of a school chaplain. Four administrators share a single office to allow more classroom space.

Chaddock officials say they would like to have groundbreaking in spring 2015, with students walking into the new building for their first day of class in August 2016.