Certified Laugh Leader brings laughter to the workplace

The Adams County Health Department is a healthy place. Recently, the health department took steps to become even healthier.

They called Bobbe White, a Certified Laugh Leader.

â??Seventy percent of all illnesses tie back to stress,â?? White said.

A lot of that stress is related to work.

"In public health we are dealing with so many negative issues and usually people are being faced with something that maybe negatively impacted their health, financial well-being," Shay Drummond, Director of Clinical and Environmental Services with the Adams County Health Department, said.

In White's presentations she says you should cash in on everything around you. For example, warning labels on everyday objects.

"Bar of dial soap, directions are use like regular soap â?¦ as opposed to irregular soap," White said laughingly.

She also says people need to find the humor in everything because every little bit counts.

"So I maybe not be knee slapping laughing out loud but it's the pleasant thought or funny thought that creates good chemistry inside your body as opposed to negativity," White said.

Since White's presentation the health department has made strides to incorporate positivity and laughter into their workplace.

"I think that laughter is such an important part of life again we should all have a smile in our heart and hopefully we can bring that forward to our lips to others," Mary Lovell, Registered Nurse with the Adams County Health Department, said.

Laughter truly is the best medicine.