Certain Quincy city salaries will be frozen

The City of Quincy will freeze the salaries of the mayor, treasurer, city clerk and aldermen starting May 1.

That's the decision of the Quincy City Council Monday night.

The council amended that ordinance before passing it unanimously.

The amendment includes incentives for the city clerk and treasurer to maintain or seek certificates for continuing education.

The ordinance also states the city clerk and treasurer would not receive a pay raise from 2013 until 2017.

If they keep their professional certifications, they would get a $750 annual stipend during their years in office. The stipend would begin in 2014.

"I would do this whether there was an incentive or not because I am here for the constituents and I enjoy my job. I just want to do the best job I can and have the right knowledge and give it out to the public as I should," City clerk Jenny Hayden said.

Mayor John Spring, along with Hayden and city treasurer Peggy Crim held a press conference where they signed and adopted the ordinance.

"Number one, the mayor, the city treasurer, and the city clerk are all full time positions. We work hard at our positions every day for the taxpayers and we want them to realize we embrace the idea of not taking any increase in the next four years," Mayor Spring said.

Mayor Spring's salary will freeze at $95,732. Hayden and Crim will have their salaries freeze at $61,984.